Colloidal Silver Gel

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Share the success of this amazing 'Natures Antibiotic'

Colloidal Silver Gel is one of natures wonderful healers

It is made from Triple Strength Colloidal Silver and being in a GEL FORM makes it easy to apply to all parts of the body, and able to remain on your skin for much longer.

Colloidal Silver helps support the body’s natural immunity to fight infections and promote natural skin healing.

I have been mainly recommending this to my clients who suffer from Acne and Skin conditions on the face. We have been receiving great results in conjunction with using our MSKin skincare.

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful natural antiseptic and germ killer ever discovered. It kills harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. You can use Colloidal Silver GEL to assist with many skin conditions:

Acne, Eczema, pimples, burns, sunburn, rashes, nappy rash, dry skin, chilblains, insect bites, dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, the list is endless. It can also be used as a hair gel, face moisturiser, aftershave and much more.

Directions of Use: use on cleansed face, under your Replenishing moisturiser morning and night

use our Renewing Polish x 2 a week with this regime

When used as directed Colloidal Silver Gel is suitable for the whole family even your pets. Easy to apply, this smooth, gold coloured, odourless gel aids all parts of your body.

Ingredients by weight:

Colloidal Silver liquid 98%
Gelling inert polymer powder 1.5%
Solution (Triethanolamine) 0.5%

DIRECTIONS: Apply to your skin to treat and protect all skin infections including Acne,psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot, chilblains,warts, yeast infections, sun spots, etc.

OTHER USES: To speed up healing of injuries and burns, as a skin moisturiser, as an aluminium-free under arm deodorant, on your scalp to protect against dandruff, as a hair gel.

Colloidal Silver Gel comes with a 1 year expiry date from the month of purchase.



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