Gel Eyeliner Tip

Gel Eyeliners are a great alternative to using an Eye liner pencil. Gives a softer more blended look than a harsh line that eye liner pencils can sometimes create.
We find these gels glide on perfectly with our Gel Liner Brush, creating a smooth soft crayon like line, once it’s on your upper eye/lash liner area and bottom line it stays put and doesn’t run or smudge.
Our Clients love the ease and look this liner creates, plus the great colours! Takes a bit of practise to get the perfect line. Always remember to apply from the outside of the lid line towards the inner corner.
Top lid: ¾ of the way across from outside in. Then turn your brush to the tip and connect very lightly from inner eye line to meet the ¾ edge you have created.
Bottom lid: only ½ way from outside in. Creates a softer look than a harsh dark line right across your bottom lid line.
Look in the mirror and you can create a little flick from out the top lid whilst looking in the mirror. Get creative!

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Define Eyebrow Powder Tip

For me eyebrows are one of our best features.
Do you Comb your eyebrows? Every day you should comb your brows… our eye brow wand gives a great result in ‘taming your brows’. Eyebrows frame our face!
Our Defining Eyebrow powder comes in a range of shades and suits every client depending on hair shade. In my opinion you get a soft natural look using an eyebrow powder than using a harsh eyebrow pencil.
TIP: Comb your brows down first – this gives you the natural shape of your brow – as our brows aren’t naturally curved. We have a mid-point.
With your eye brow wand dip brush lightly into chosen define eyebrow powder shade and softly stroke the brush along your brow line to the mid-point then flick out to the end of your brow. If you don’t have an end then create one to the point you like (usually a 45’ angel from your outside eye up to the end of brow point). My video (coming soon) will show this more easily.
Fill in the areas you need – darker hair clients tend to start thinning at the beginning of their brows, lighter hair clients tend to have eyebrows disappear towards the end. If you have been an “Over Plucker” in your teenage years then create and fill in the brow you want. Comb your brows into shape with eye brow wand. Beautiful natural shaped eyebrows. Gorgeous easy brows.
If you need more colour add in a bit more or if you have added too much just use the end of the eye brow wand and keep combing until the desired shade.

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