MBody NZ Organic Rest & Restore Body Butter Oil 500ml


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'Rest & Restore'

Rose, Vanilla & Grapefruit 

A signature blend to M Body - our very own Whipped Butter Oil,

A super hydrating blend of Organic Coconut oil, shea butter 'whipped' with active manuka honey and infused with pure essential oils of Rose, Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean oils.

Designed to melt into your skin to replenish and hydrate those extremely dry areas, leaves your skin feeling rehydrated and silky smooth.

Now infused with 100% Pure naturally occuring Magnesium Chloride and water from Anicent Permain Period Sea deposits. Magnesium is an important nutrient. It has multiple functions within the body.

Magnesium is good for the following

  • regulating nerve and muscle function
  • supporting healthy pregnancy and lactation
  • maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • maintaining optimum blood pressure levels
  • manufacturing and supporting protein, bone, and DNA health

Now in our MBody butters a fantastic way to penetrate into the skin via topical application with hydrating and nourishing your skin with our 100% natural organic MBody butters.

Tip: If it gets too liquid like in the summer months just leave in the fridge for 10 minutes to solidify again , can also be used as a massage balm.

These blends are like wrapping your skin in liquid silk, the unique butter oil combination once it hits your skin melts into your skin leaving you nourished and silky smooth.

Organic cocos nucifera (coconut oil), shea butter, active manuka honey, tocopherol acetata (vitmain E)

100% pure naturally occurring magnesium chloride and water from Ancient Permian Period sea deposits

Essential oils: rose damascena (rose damask), citurs paradise (grapefruit white), vanilla planifolia (vanilla bean)

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