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Decadent Diffuser Fragrant Reeds & Essences 

Divine - Decadence - Gorgeous - Just for You 

made in NZ - handmade with LOVE

'Captivating your Senses'

New & improved Diffuser Fragrant Reeds, Essence Parfums, Wellness Elixirs, 

Blissed Bath Salts, Organic Coconut Body Butters & Body Sugars & Luxurious Gift Baskers

I am revamping this brand to MEssencenz -  incorporating my personalised Scents & Wellness Elixirs to captivate your journey in wellbeing & alluring scents to captivate all your senses 

Joy & Love xx

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  1. MEssence Perfume -   Goddess
    MEssence Perfume - Goddess
    NZD $38.00
  2. MEssence Perfume - Florence
    MEssence Perfume - Florence
    NZD $38.00
  3. Reed Wooden Sticks Duo
    Reed Wooden Sticks Duo
    NZD $4.00
  4. Fragrant Reeds Refill duo
    Fragrant Reeds Refill duo
    NZD $28.00
  5. Diffuser Fragrant Reeds
    Diffuser Fragrant Reeds
    NZD $38.00
  6. Happiness blend
    Happiness blend
    NZD $38.00
  7. Anti Stress Spray
    Anti Stress Spray
    NZD $38.00
  8. Throat Spray
    Throat Spray
    NZD $28.00
  9. M Essence Hayfever Blend
    M Essence Hayfever Blend
    NZD $38.00
  10. Sensual Bath Salts
    Sensual Bath Salts
    NZD $28.00
  11. Calming Peaceful Bath Salts
    Calming Peaceful Bath Salts
    NZD $28.00
  12. Gift Card
    Gift Card
    From NZD $25.00

12 Items

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