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The luxurious Martelli Goddess Mineral Makeup is pure luxury for your skin.

Our Mineral based powders glide on beautifully to keep your skin looking truly flawless throughout the day, while shimmering bronzer's and glistening eye dusts create luminous skin to carry you through your day and on into the night. Satisfy all your makeup desires with our ‘essential mineral makeup collection,’ right at your fingertips and best of all, Martelli Goddess Mineral Makeup is as kind, pure and simple as it is beautiful. Complete with anti-oxidants, vitamins A & E, natural plant extracts, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and is totally Talc and Paraben free, the Martelli Goddess Mineral Makeup is wonderful even for the most sensitive skin. Our philosophy is that makeup, education and connection belong together, so you will not find the Martelli Goddess Mineral Makeup in chain stores, boutiques only in selected exclusive boutiques that share our philosophy. This exclusive mineral collection is only available to clients we meet through our M Collections Mineral Makeup Workshops, Masterclasses and one on one consultations

M Collections Mineral Makeup leaves your skin with a truly creamy silk finish and a beautiful luminosity that lasts all day long.

All our Mineral Makeup is manufactured in the United States in accordance with the strict requirements of the US FDA and the European Commission, which are the most diligent in the world.

Our entire Mineral Collections are not in any way tested on animals, we are a cruelty free company.

We are committed to providing our clients with quality Mineral Makeup and 100% Natural Skincare that has the highest quality, healthy ingredients and with an enduring performance factor. Our Mineral Collections are also especially tailored for sensitive skins for our clients and use for professional makeup artistry.

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  1. foundation, mineral powder, mineral cosmetics, natural mineral makeup, mineral foundation, natural makeup
    Mineral Pressed Powder
    As low as NZD $77.00
  2. Lip Pencil -Pink Mauve
    Lip Pencil -Pink Mauve
    NZD $30.00
  3. Lip Pencil -Mocha
    Lip Pencil -Mocha
    NZD $30.00
  4. Lip Pencil -Buff
    Lip Pencil -Buff
    NZD $30.00
  5. Lip Pencil -Brick Red
    Lip Pencil -Brick Red
    NZD $30.00
  6. concealer, liquid concealer, flawless cover, high coverage liquid concealer, magic cover concealer, full coverage concealer, fluid concealer, make up, liquid make up, lightweight concealer, creamy cover
    'Magic Coverage' Liquid Concealer
    As low as NZD $47.00
  7. liquid foundation, spf30 make up, organic makeup, organic foundation, sunscreen makeup, organic sunscreen foundation, natural makeup,  tinted moisturizer, tinted foundation with spf, tinted liquid natural organic make up,
    Anti-Ageing Tinted Foundation 50ml - Natural Organic SPF30
    As low as NZD $69.00
  8. Beautiful Brows-Blondie
    Beautiful Brows-Blondie
    NZD $50.00
  9. Beautiful Brows-Charcoal
    Beautiful Brows-Charcoal
    NZD $50.00
  10. Beautiful Brows - Chocolate
    Beautiful Brows - Chocolate
    NZD $50.00
  11. Flawless Goddess Skin pack
    Flawless Goddess Skin pack
    Special Price NZD $230.00 Regular Price NZD $252.00
  12. Organic Natural Mascara
    Organic Natural Mascara
    NZD $48.00

Items 13-24 of 79

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