I'm not your typical makeup loving girl who spends hours on beauty so when I was introduced to these "nectar of the gods" products I was a little apprehensive about it being to hard but I'm totally in love. My skin feels incredible I have a soft silky face and my redness has been eliminated by the yellow stick and foundation. The best part is it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing makeup. Thank you so much for this amazing product.

Rebekah Kenny - Hamilton 

My skin feels amazing and have had comments how youthful it looks now. It feels hydrated and the scent of your products is amazing. I actually feel younger since using MC collections skin care as my skin doesn't look dry and old now. Thank you Caroline....love it!

Jo Neuhauser - Mount Maunganui 

Everything about Caroline and her business is just gorgeous!! I LOVE her makeup and skin products and the way she makes 'putting on your face' super easy!!! Thanks for being you hun!

Miranda Clark - Tauranga

Last month I went in to see Caroline at M Collections to update my makeup skills and look. Caroline introduced me to her mineral makeup collection and I have to say, I am totally loving it. The best makeup I have ever worn. It's clean, light and gives my skin a beautiful radiance. I can't wait to build my collection and start using some of her yummy skin care range. I highly recommend popping in to Caroline's studio to see her fabulous products. And the best part is, Caroline has the most gorgeous personality, so of you aren't feeling confident she will put you at ease immediately

Anna Green - Melbourne, Australia

I’ve had eczema on my face since I was 18, always dealing with flakey makeup, red eyelids and red patches everywhere. I’ve tried everything from different creams, different diets, the works. I recently went to Caroline for a hair and makeup trial for my wedding in a couple of weeks and she recommended I try the replenishing light moisturiser and oh my god this has changed my life! It’s the first moisturiser that doesn’t sting when I put it on and my skin hasn’t looked this good in 10years, I have been getting so many compliments - and just in time for my wedding day, I couldn’t be happier! thank you times 1million for this amazing product xxxx

Hayley Clair - Hawkes Bay 

Hi Caroline I just wanted to say I love your product so much. I started using it after the Resolution Retreat and it has changed my skin. I have just ordered the full skincare pack as I just had the travel pack to try it out. I have had compliments on my skin now which I have never had in the past. I met with you at the retreat on our last day and you were so lovely to me - I am so self-conscious of my hyper-pigmentation but I see improvement every day now. Thank you thank you thank you !!!!! I will be recommending this to everyone.

Debbie Hill - Palmerston North

From the age of 21, my skin was my worst nightmare. I was told by a dermatologist to take potent chemicals for my 'acne' then treated for 'sensitive skin' due to the chemicals, then due to all the stress of my appearance, I was treated for 'hormonal skin'. Over the years I tried many products, spent a fortune and still wasn't feeling any better about myself. Meeting Caroline changed my view on ever having amazing skin. Her genuine nature and knowledge has transformed to the incredible M Collections M Skin products. The holistic approach of what Caroline promotes of looking within together with using the natural ingredients proved to be exactly what I needed. While it sounds crazy, having problem free skin has given me confidence and belief in myself. I finally feel like I'm shining from the inside out! My favourite product is the Renewing Skin Polish. Its full of the most incredible natural goodness and smells divine. I often get remarks from people saying that I am 'glowing'!

Kirstin Richards - Bay of Plenty

I would like to thank Caroline for introducing me to mcollections wonderful range, especially the primer and eye shadows. I work in PNG where it averages 32 degrees and since using mcollections I am pleasantly surprised when I get home after a long days work to see my makeup still looks as wonderful as when I applied it in the morning.

Colleen Osborne - Papua New Guinea

"M Skin Facial Serum is simply the most outstanding skin care product I have ever used. My sport requires that I frequently dehydrate down, often making me look much older than I am. Since incorporating M Skin Serum into my skincare regime I have received more compliments on how "fabulous & amazing" my skin looks & I have to agree . . . my skin has not looked or felt this amazing since I was in my teens! In a word, SENSATIONAL!"

Tonya Fines - Canada

"My skin feels and looks like velvet – both on my face and décolletage. Within a week my pores looked smaller; my skin was more balanced and my skin looked more even with less ‘bumps’. 

My skin usually feels over oily in the afternoon, which makes my make up ‘slide off’, but my skin has completely balanced out since using the cleanser and my make up remains fresh all day – without even having to re-touch it! It’s so gentle – I even use it to take off my eye make up! I’ve had comments from people saying my ‘skin looks so much softer’ and that my skin ‘has a lovely glow’. I think too – combining with the Devine Velvet and the Anti-Ageing SPF 30 Tinted Moisturiser it all works together so well. Can’t wait to try the rest of the range. "

Kirt - Tauranga

"I absolutely LOVE M Collections make up, I'm hooked. I had been looking for a change of make-up for a while without parabens and artificial fillers etc, and am so glad I met Caroline and tried her products. My favourite product (if I had to choose) would be the tinted moisturiser, with really dry skin it goes on so easy, and such a small amount gives great coverage, along with a SPF which is so important in NZ all year round. Also the Velvet Veil is a must, once you try this as a primer to your make up you won't be able to go without it, it all just glides on so easy. I have also found the products last for ages and you only need to use small amounts, which is a sign of good quality stuff! "

Natalie - Papamoa

"I Absolutely love it!!"

I was worried the natural oil would be to much for my skin since it's normally combination/oily but it's just awesome.
It's funny because I'm 30 in November and had never used a proper skin regime until being recommended by my consultant Monique to try M Skin and now I love coming home and washing the day off my face.
My skin is looking more even and the texture has changed to, it's so much softer.

I'm just a bit gutted about a month before I bought the M Skin collection I spent a huge amount on another top brand face care.... Which for my skin was an epic fail and I was breaking out really bad from it, I kept using it thinking "this stuff must be good since it's so expensive" but really It didn't work for me at all.
So then I found your products and am SO happy with how my skin looks

Rebecca - Auckland

"I have been using M Collections Serum after having a pre cancer removed from my nose, lots of stitches, I have used the serum morning and night and you hardly see the scar just the colour difference, amazing. Thank you Caroline."

Carol @ CHS Hair Salon - Mount Maunganui

" First of all LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the liquid gold (anti ageing facial serum) I use it everyday with my other M Skincare"

Sarah - Rotorua

"Her products are outstanding. I was just flicking through photos taken after I had a complimentary make over. With just the anti aging tinted moisturiser on my skin looked flawless. I am also not a make up wearer. Convinced by this product though. Great photo Ms M!"

Rochelle - Papamoa

"The make-up, the skin care range, the list goes on. My skin has been amazing since using M-Skin Renewing Cleanser, 'Liquid gold ' Facial serum & Replenishing Moisturizer. Along with the entire make-up collection. Thanks Miss M!!"

Deb - Mount Manuganui

"Had such fun last night Caroline!!! The M Collections range is gorgeous.... Thank you so much for your talented skill, making us all beautiful.....we had a great night out to showcase our faces!! Beautiful products, can't wait for our goodies to come next week!!"

Flowers by Tami - Tauranga

"Love my Anti-aging Tinted Moisturiser, love the eye palettes and absolutely adore your new M Skin range! The Anti-ageing serum is doing just that, my skin feels and looks younger. Thank you for creating such an awesome product " xx

Belinda - Auckland

Hi Caroline, Thank you, I have fallen in love with your products, I mean it! They are all simply lovely and your lipsticks are heaven and a big relief to my chapping lips. The Vitamin E stick is my constant companion and the tinted moisturiser foundation is perfect coverage. I feel like a new women.

Jenny Coker - Tauranga

Am LOVING your products or my skin is! - I usually order in Environ from overseas which is amazing tho am thinking my skin is looking even better than it does with Environ so thank you! :)

Sara Stewart - Wellington, New Zealand

Loving my skincare. My face feels amazing and most days i am only wearing the yellow stick under my eyes as the skincare is bringing out my natural glow!

Telisa - Florida USA

Love, love your skin care products! Thankyou so much Caroline x

Tina Van der Laan

Just wanted to say since I started using your skincare at resolution retreat in September my red veins on my face have calmed down by well over 50%. I am very happy with your M Skin range! Replenishing Light Moisturiser & Anti Ageing Facial Serum.

Elaine Campbell - Dunedin

"I could not live without the mineral powder it's my absolute fav!! The M Skin range is amazing love love the cleanser and the serum!! Amazing products congrats Caroline!! "

Fleur - Mount Manuganui

Love love love my new mineral makeup from M Collections! After wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive makeup that was never right for my skin colour and countless shop assistant's talking me round it was an absolute delight to finally have a professional correctly match my skin colour with her amazing products. I am definitely happy with my M Collections Ultimate Starter Pack xx

Chaela - Rotorua

"A make up range everyone should own. Love this product range. My skin has never looked or felt better. Well done Caroline this stuff is gold."

Tammy - Te Puke

"These products are beautiful, they don't clog your skin and you don't even know you have it on. Wonderful and well worth the change"

Michelle - Matamata

"The BEST body scrub I have ever used! Leaves your skin silky smooth. Highly recommended! "

Maria - Papamoa

"Beautiful products, I especially adore the Divine Velvet primer, Anti ageing Tinted Moisturiser and Bronzer. I highly recommend having a party with Caroline so she can demonstrate how best to use her products and enhance your own natural beauty, she is wonderful! "

Debra - Tauranga

I would just like to say I absolutely love your mineral foundation. My skin is sensitive to everything so I've tried many different mineral foundations as they tend to be gentler on my skin. I have been using yours for the past week or so I've had no reactions or breakouts my skin loves it, it gives a wonderful air brushed finish :)

Shelley Anne - Wellington

"I love love love my M Collections products. Not sure which is my favourite, I am just going to have to try more and then I will let you know. I got so much more than just some new make up from you, including a huge boost of confidence and a lot of fun. How you explain using your products makes it so easy and fuss free. Thank you Caroline "

Melissa - Papamoa

After yesterday's new delights, my skin care and make up regime is finally sorted! Dewy skin all day after a hydrating and rejuvenating treatment with you! I've enjoyed how my skin has looked and felt all day, the delicious scents are an added bonus - off to do new nightly cleanse and moisturise!! Thank you Caroline x"

Angela - Hamilton

I have been using M Collections skin care and mineral make up for about 3 years now, I absolutely love it. My skin feels amazing, my favourite in the skin care range has to be the serum (liquid gold) my ritual every night. I never feel like I'm wearing make up with the mineral foundation I never go a day without the velvet primer and the tinted moisturizer even on a casual day!

Sarah Lockwood - Rotorua

After having a makeup consultation with Caroline, I absolutely loved M Collections so made the change straight away. My favourite product is the tinted moisturiser as it gives me a nice even coverage and I use it daily. When I head out for the evening I use the foundation over top for a slightly heavier look and it doesn’t feel like I am wearing any make up which is what I love. I enjoy using it so much that my clients experience using M Collections during their photo shoot and many also make the switch to use it daily.

Charmaine Marinkovich – Tauranga

I have been using M Skin Anti Ageing Renewing Night Cream for over 18 months now and there is no going back to other moisturisers! I have a really thirsty skin and as I am now in my 60’s, keeping my facial tissue enriched is vital. For some 50 years I have been in and around the ocean, exposing my skin to sun and salt which is a deadly and very “frying” combination. This Renewing Night Cream is amazing. I can feel it penetrating each cell and both my face and I feel like we have been on a relaxing holiday each time that I apply it. My skin feels restored, supple and as good as it can be given my age and coffee addiction! Over the years I have tried to hide my facial sun spots and dark marks with ever-increasingly dense foundations. Wrong! I ended up clogged with no glow and not much money left either. I discovered M Collections Anti Ageing Tinted Moisturiser and using in combination with their glorious Mineral Pressed Powder; my skin is covered just enough and importantly, has a healthy flawless glow so I am told. It feels light and it feels good for my skin. Thank you M Collections. I thoroughly recommend these products!

Jonnie Mead - Tauranga

I absolutely love using the M collections range! I have always been very self-conscious of my pigmentation, when I first tried M Collections it had the coverage I needed without much effort and felt light on my face, it also gave me a healthy glow and more natural look without looking like I was wearing a lot. I wear the liquid silk, and the mineral foundation every day no matter what I’m doing, I use the concealer if I’m going for a glam look which adds to a flawless complexion. I adore the mineral eye shadows they light up my eyes and the range of colours is exceptional, it caters for any situation day or night. I tried the M Collections range a few years ago and I have never looked back, it’s something I feel I will use forever as the range can grow with you to suit your skin type as it may change over time.

Skye Sloan - Tauranga

If you are wanting a great make-up artist look no further than Caroline - I have used makeup artists all over the world and would rate her as one of the best I have ever experienced! Not to mention her product range is outstanding and to meet a fellow female NZ entrepreneur kicking arse is beyond inspiring! I salute the difference you are making out there for so many women Caroline!

Sally Anderson - Sydney, Australia View Sally on Facebook

" I love these products because they are so easy to apply, thank you x"

Michelle - Wellington

I used the starter pack given as a gift and love the product. My skin has never been better!

Leona - Syndey, Australia

I personally think my skin's improved almost instantly!
I've been following your skin ritual instructions and only using cleanser at night. I love the Replenishing Moisturizer and my sensitive skin isn’t stinging which usually happens - My skin looks and feels good when I wake up.
Look forward to the results after a few more weeks.



Before and After Make Overs with M Collections

"It has been great to be able to work with Caroline from M-Collections. Using her make up has really added to the experience I offer my clients with my 'Beautiful Women' portraits. Together we help them look + feel beautiful and confident. My clients experience begins by having their hair + make up done by Caroline and this is where I notice a great change in confidence, prior to being photographed. I have found M-Collections make up has a great coverage and photographs really well. My clients have also enjoyed wearing it, so much so, that some now use M-Collections all the time."
Charmaine Marinkovich - Beautiful Women

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